G J FOOD has been a leading provider of restaurant supplies, including Foie Gras, Caviar, Truffles and cooking alcohols, such as Grand Marnier® since 1991.


G J FOOD began when an enterprising French migrant by the name of Georges Puechberty began to import some fine foods from his homeland – from escargots to Foie Gras, to truffles and caviar. G J FOOD continues the proud tradition of 4 generations in fine food; a legacy which extends back to the eclectic Paris food scene.

G J FOOD provides some of Sydney’s leading cocktail bars with intense-flavoured fruit purées and supplies innovative food manufacturers with cooking alcohols and patisserie products and ingredients. We are the Australian agents for the Grand Marnier® culinary alcohol range, along with leading brands of genuine Madeira, Armagnac, Cognac, Brandy, Rums and cooking wines.


Being a French family, our intimate knowledge of the country’s rich gastronomic culture and each region’s strict artisanal processes helps guide us in selecting the finest products. We carefully select manufacturers and companies which adhere to the time-honored traditions in the methods that they use to source, grow and make their fine products.

Few of our products ...

Our selection of products includes truffles, caviar, Foie Gras, mushrooms, Grand Marnier®, chocolate pastry products and ingredients, pâtés, oils, vinegars, mustards, salts and much more.

We have aligned ourselves with some of France’s oldest and most reputed ‘maisons’. Such respected producers include Petrossian for Caviar; Edouard Artzner for Foie Gras, Marnier Lapostolle for Grand Marnier®; Echiré for Butter, Cavalier for Mustards and Vinegars, DGF Industries for Chef’s Ingredients and Pastry / Patisserie products and many more.


You can look forward to new products being regularly added to our range, from new season’s truffles and mushrooms, to innovative new products such as Caviar de Neuvic’s exclusive Caviar Butter.

And since we have come from the restaurant industry ourselves, we not only understand the need for finest quality in our restaurant supplies, but the importance of on-time delivery to ensure you maintain your reputation. We truly do put the ‘service’ into food service.

Come explore our site and discover our restaurant supplies range and consider the opportunities you may not have thought possible.


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